When ever I set the reg keys and run: Invoke-CimMethod -Namespace ROOT\CCM\ClientSDK -ClassName CCM_ClientUtilities -MethodName DetermineIfRebootPending. I just get the standard 1970 date back as if there is no deadline, but when I check the registry the key is there and set according to the link.. "/>

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We can do better with a PowerShell script that deletes only unused cache items. Also, it can be added to a CI and scheduled to run after Patch Tuesday. I've added some nifty parameters and switches that could come in handy! Important. If you just need to clean all the cache indiscriminately this script is overkill. Restart sccm client powershell. Restart SMS Agent Host Service. This is the last step you need to perform to start getting new detailed information in the SCCM client log files. Start Services.msc. Ring Click on the Service called – SMS Agent Host. Click on Restart.Check the log file to confirm whether Verbose Logging & Debug Logging is enabled on the client devices or not. Previous Previous post: How To Manually Initiate SCCM Client To Check And Install Updates. I am writing a batch file or PowerShell script to restart a computer With the sccm Client installed, and would like the users to get the same warning and countdown as when SCCM restarts a computer. I have tried using this: Invoke-WmiMethod -Namespace root. trigger reboot via command line or powershell. Close. 4. Posted by 1 year ago. ... As per Microsoft, "You can't deploy the Configuration Manager client while provisioning a new computer in Windows Autopilot user-driven mode for hybrid Azure AD join. This limitation is due to the identity change of the device during the Azure AD-join process. Search: Restart Sccm Client Command Line. msc” command ini and distribute to your distribution points log to make sure that the correct SUP point is detected by the client, else make sure that.

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